January 18, 2018

The Inner Winter

Dear friends, I am going to take respite for a while, a time of quiet, an inner winter. I need to listen to the old stories and I can't do that well if I'm always thinking of what to say myself. I might be gone a day or a week or who really knows ... not for long, I'm not good at silence ... and I will still be at twitter and facebook a little ... I will return when I have seeds and songs to share.

Here is something small for the meanwhile.

Tin and tambourines
On midsummer's morning
Copper and a haul of briny dreams

Hare leaping, moon rising
Out of the wild green fields
Of grass and the sea

Walk your way to quickening
Run your way to joy
Follow the furred moon's feet

Star and silver harps
On winterheart's eve

Lay my love down to peace